Green World

Environmental project “Green world”

Centuries of ignorance by mankind of the consequences that its existence entails for the environment have already turned into a series of serious problems for it. But the point of no return has not yet been passed, and you and I have a chance to save our common home – our land, a real alternative to which, despite the numerous searches of scientists, today there is no such thing. And would it really be decent, destroying the environment of your existence, to leave it to its own devices and look for a new place of settlement?

The eternal rule “Start with yourself!” relevant in this case. A group of public activists of our village, with the support of the Savinsky Village Council, has been working hard for several years to restore the ecosystem of their native region. Thus, trees are regularly planted on the territory of the village and its outskirts, and dead wood is cleaned, which contributes to the appearance of young shoots.

Water is the source of life. Without reservoirs, without groundwater, the ecosystem will not be able to function. As a result of the unlimited use of water resources and global climatic changes, the amount of groundwater decreases from year to year, and with them lakes disappear and rivers decrease. Our village is no exception, on the territory of which there were many small lakes (we call them “circles”), but over time they almost dried up. In 2018, our community helped one of these circles to recover, giving a new life.

The circle is located almost in the very center of the village. Savin. First, they cleared a place where the former was in the stage of a never-ending semi-swamp “puddle”, then, with the help of an excavator, they deepened it and filled it with water.

Now it is regularly cleaned, maintain a constant water level, and renew the population of ribs. The depth of the “circle” reaches 5 meters and it is a favorite resting place for local fishermen.