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Environmental project “Clean environment”

How it all began

Since 2018, our community has become part of the Ukrainian environmental movement. We also want to make our planet clean. In addition, since January 1, 2018, in accordance with the amendments introduced into the Law of Ukraine “On Waste”, every citizen of Ukraine is obliged to sort their garbage – its separate collection and further processing are beneficial not only for the environment, but also for the country’s economy as a whole.

But any good undertaking becomes a reality only when everyone starts with himself, and therefore, thanks to the initiative of entrepreneurs and with the support of the Savinsky Village Council, a serious project of waste generation – “Clean Environment” has been launched in our village.

The village of Savin is located in a very picturesque area, but recently it has become more and more difficult to enjoy the scenery: the surrounding forest and meadows have literally begun to be littered with plastic bottles, bags and other human waste. In addition, the decay products of garbage freely penetrated into the soil and local water bodies – this is regrettable also because one of our lakes, Lake Stybin, has long been known for its healing properties. It became clear that if this process is not stopped, then in a few years we will face a real ecological catastrophe.

It is not enough just to clean up the garbage – the very cause of its appearance, human irresponsibility, must be eradicated. The well-known theory of “broken windows” and the world experience of overcoming similar problems came to the rescue in this difficult matter.

The initiative of a caring group of active people is not enough if there is no public support, therefore, almost the most important (and almost the most difficult) was to convince people that this land around us is our heritage, which we must pass on safe and sound to our children. and grandchildren. In the end, if you rely on practicality in life, to live in purity of rays), it is pleasant to walk around the neat streets and admire nature.

Garbage sorting is a fairly simple process that can be streamlined by installing one of the mobile apps designed for this. For example, the Sortui application from domestic developers.

“How it works”. Our results.

There are 11 separate waste collection points in the village. Each point provides for the distribution of garbage into the following categories:

  • Polymer materials
  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Household food waste.

Absolutely all collected waste is disposed of by the Kozeletskaya regional company OOO Eco-Service-Kozelets.

Already today we can celebrate the first important victory: the village has even changed outwardly in a year. Neat streets, no scattered garbage (including in the areas of collection points), new so-called. “Mini-dumps” did not appear. Z ibnya 2019, the volume of pollution of forest belts and fields was reduced by 50-60 cubic meters. m. per month (this is the amount of garbage that is removed from the village every month). Think about what a significant figure for such a small territory like ours!

Multiply this volume by 12 months and you get approximately 800 cubic meters. m. of garbage per year! And so every year! If you imagine the possible damage to the ecology, then it becomes scary from this scale. So, summing up, one should state not just the benefits, but also the value of the introduced project.

This image clearly shows what clean and well-groomed streets in our village are:

Of course, there are difficulties even now: some organizational issues appear, the problem with the self-awareness of people is palpable (some of them are difficult to convince that paying UAH 20 per month for a clean environment and the health of our children is a profitable investment). But changes are taking place: albeit gradually, people are already beginning to “open their eyes,” as they say, such a complex and necessary process of revaluation of values ​​is taking place – a delicate process, and therefore forcing events in this case will only hurt. We continue to work hard in a given direction, as we remember: “Nature has no rewards or punishments for us, it only has consequences.”

Our results of 2020

Cleaning the territory has already become a good tradition. This is how we met the spring of April 16, 2021.
Cleaning 2021.07.24