Social organization

Social organization

The village of Savin can be safely called an adornment of the Kozeletsky district of the Chernihiv region. Luxurious nature, hardworking people are our main wealth. But our settlement is located away from large cities, which complicates the support at a sufficient level of its infrastructure.

Economists have calculated: on average, 30 villages disappear from the map of Ukraine every year. Abandoned houses and remnants of household structures are gradually absorbed: either nature turns the former housing into ruins, or the territory is occupied for the industrial needs of the enterprise.

People, their work, their aspirations – this is what determines the viability of any settlement. “Water does not flow under a lying stone” – if you stand aside and wait for a mythical savior to appear, any even the most noble plans will remain on paper. Therefore, we are fully aware that not only our well-being, but also the very existence of the village depends on our initiative, on our efforts.

Strength lies in unity, in deliberate, well-calculated and reasonably planned actions. Together, you can perform real miracles and make even the most unimaginable projects a reality. Therefore, a group of caring people, which includes not only residents of the village. Savin, has turned into a civic association, the name of which is a reflection of the goal – “Conscious deeds”.

The association includes completely different people – of different age, gender, income, occupation. Since 2018, we have begun implementing a series of projects aimed at making our homeland, the village of Savin, a modern settlement with a developed infrastructure, so that our people live happily, and our children grow up in an atmosphere of love and striving for development.

More information about the projects themselves and their implementation can be found in the section of this site, which is called “Our projects”.

We are open to new ideas and sincerely rejoice when new people join our business. We invite all who are not indifferent to our community!